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Why AMI?

AMI is one of the largest healthcare players in the region, with an experience of more than 40 years in the operation and management of hospitals and medical centers. AMI's longstanding experience and knowledge enable it to provide turn-key solutions in hospitals operation and management that are tailored to client needs, with high standards of quality and best practice. AMI has operated and managed a number of hospitals and medical centers with a bed capacity of more than 3000 beds, providing primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare services, such as oncology, transplant, ophthalmology, psychiatry, dialysis, general surgery, and long-term care.

AMI has also invested in private healthcare to expand its capability. AMI has invested in Magrabi Hospitals and Centers, where Ophthalmology, ENT, and Dentistry services are provided in more than 30 hospitals and medical centers in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. AMI is also one of the founding shareholders of Anfas Medical Care of a specialized hospital in Riyadh city, providing long-term medical care to patients with chronic respiratory problems who require mechanical ventilation and patients who need long-term care. AMI is one of the founding shareholders of Imdad that is specialized in Aesthetic Medicine. Through its offices distributed in the GCC and the Middle East, Imdad provides state-of-the-art medical technology for skin and hair care, and plastic surgery as an exclusive supplier to international companies.

AMI also has been the partner of choice for renowned international healthcare companies, such as TAHPI, Evadeô Pro, and Mediscan Services. These partnerships have formed solid foundation to acquire healthcare projects and provide unparalleled healthcare services.

AMI’s desire has always been to provide exceptional care to patients, exceed their highest expectations, and to establish and maintain their trust. Providing patients with a home environment away from home. AMI pays attention to every detail; communicating the particulars clearly and directly with patients and their families.

About AMI

AMI Saudi Arabia LTD is a leading healthcare management company in the Middle East. It was established in 1981 as a joint venture between American Medical International and XENEL Industries Ltd. Xenel was founded in 1973 by the descendants of one of the oldest trading houses in the Middle East.

Since its inception, AMI has managed and operated, on a turn key basis, a number of prestigious secondary and tertiary care hospitals in Saudi Arabia.

AMI is also an active investor in the private healthcare sector, including market leading enterprises, such as Magrabi Hospitals & Centers, Anfas Medical Care as well as Imdad Co.


AMI will build on its heritage, as a trusted reliable partner, to evolve & transform continuously in order to be at the forefront of healthcare in the Middle East & North Africa.


AMI commits to become the most agile, trusted and value creating partner in healthcare. It aims to optimally meet the needs of its stakeholders by continuously investing in its capabilities, while touching the lives of the communities it serves.

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A Successful Track of Record

Central Security Hospitals

Comprehensive medical operation of six hospitals distributed through various regions of Saudi Arabia, and two medical centers in Riyadh and Jeddah. More than 1000 medical, technical, and administrative staff, providing primary, secondary, and specialized care, such as Psychiatry, long term care, and Hemodialysis.

Period of operation: 2010 – 2022

Bed capacity: 235 Beds

Number of staff: 1230

Al Khafji Joint Operations (KJO) Hospital

Management and operation on turn-key basis a hospital of the Kuwait Gulf Oil Company & Aramco Gulf Operations Company. KJO hospital of 100 beds capacity provides primary and secondary healthcare services with state-of-the art medical technology.

Period of operation: 2017 – Present

Bed capacity: 100 Beds

Number of staff: 500

King Khalid National Guard Hospital in Jeddah

The hospital had excellent facilities and resources and a good reputation for the highest quality of medical and nursing care. 365 acute beds, providing services in general medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology. In addition, some tertiary specialties, such as pediatric oncology, pediatric surgery, and endocrinology were managed and operated by AMI.

Period of operation: 1993 – 1996

Bed capacity: 500 Beds

Number of staff: 2000

King Fahad National Guard Hospital in Riyadh

King Fahad National Guard Hospital was one of the most prestigious healthcare facilities in Saudi Arabia. There was a full range of acute tertiary, secondary, and primary care services that were designed to meet the need of patients and their families. Tertiary care services provided were transplantation, cardiac surgery, perinatology, and other healthcare services. The operating contract was on a turn-key basis of operation and management.

Period of operation: 1990 – 1996

Bed capacity: 500 Beds

Number of staff: 4000

King Fahad Military Medical Complex in Dhahran

AMI reputation was greatly enhanced by its efficient commissioning and operation on turn-key basis the Ministry of Defense and Aviation (MODA) facility. MODA Medical Services Department established the King Fahad Military Medical Complex for the dual purpose of operating a military hospital and a military medical academy. The program provided healthcare service for Armed Forces personnel and their dependents. Training in health sciences for up to 300 students was also provided within the program of the hospital.

Period of operation: 1987 – 1990

Bed capacity: 328 Beds

Number of staff: 1500

Security Forces Hospital in Riyadh

AMI has successfully completed several turn-key contracts for more than one decade to manage and operate Security Forces Hospital in Riyadh. 500 beds hospital with facilities provided for general medicine, ophthalmology, cardiology, pediatrics, neonatology, and other medical specialties. The surgical suite carried out more than 400 procedures per month.

Period of operation: 1984 – 1998

Bed capacity: 500 Beds

Number of staff: 2500

King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital

King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital (KKESH) is a tertiary care teaching hospital in Riyadh. It has earned a world-class reputation for medical excellence in Ophthalmology. This project was a joint venture with the Ministry of Health providing turn-key solutions in operation and management.

Period of operation: 1982 – 1999

Bed capacity: 263 Beds

Number of staff: 1100

King Fahad Hospital In Al Baha

Excellent secondary healthcare services were provided in King Fahad Hospital in Al Baha for citizens and expatriate. This project was the first project of AMI in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The hospital had an inpatient capacity of 376 beds, providing general and acute care, including plastic surgery, pediatric and general surgery, neurosurgery, and trauma center.

Period of operation: 1981 – 1992

Bed capacity: 376 Beds

Number of staff: 2000

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In 1997, AMI became a 40% owner of Magrabi Hospitals & Centers worldwide. This involvement marks AMI’s first venture into private healthcare in Saudi Arabia. Magrabi Hospitals & Centers provide specialized healthcare services in Ophthalmology, ENT, and Dentistry in more than 30 hospitals and medical centers in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

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AMI is one of the founding partners of Imdad. Imdad distributes the world's best rejuvenation technologies for Skin & Body in the Middle East and has the largest installed base of Aesthetic Lasers in the region. Imdad provides state-of-the-art medical technology for skin and hair care, and plastic surgery as an exclusive supplier to international companies.

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Anfas Medical Care

AMI is one of the founding shareholders of Anfas Medical Care Company to establish a specialized hospital in Riyadh to provide long-term care and medical care for patients with chronic respiratory problems who require mechanical ventilation.

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TAHPI is an award-winning international firm of specialist Health Planners, Healthcare Architects, and Clinical Interior Designers. TAHPI is trusted by Governments, Health Authorities, and Private Sector clients. AMI and TAHPI has signed a strategic alliance agreement to participate in government PPP tenders related to consultancy services, commissioning, finance, and operation.

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Mediscan Services provides radiology services in the UK. It also provides services of Audiology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, and Physiotherapy across 180 clinics. A joint venture agreement was signed between two parties for PPP radiology and medical imaging services projects in Saudi Arabia.

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Evadeô Pro

Evadeô Pro is a French company that is specialized in helping patients seeking medical care in France, and healthcare institutions wishing to transfer their patients to France by medical evacuation. AMI has signed an agreement with Evadeô Pro for medical evacuation and air ambulance services projects in Saudi Arabia.

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GE Healthcare

AMI has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with GE Healthcare Saudi Arabia to support the Kingdom’s privatization program, where GE Healthcare will deliver turnkey solutions on selected projects in the healthcare sector. Both parties will collaborate to identify potential projects for further discussions and agreements.

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TLC (Tender Loving Care)

TLC is an Australian company that strive to provide the best customized services to support beneficiaries, which include support in social, community, and recreational participation, in-home support, financial plan management, and specialized transport. A strategic alliance agreement was signed between AMI Saudi Arabia, TAHPI, and TLC for the delivery of health services of homecare and rehabilitation services with a particular focus on PPP projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The consortium will participate in government tenders, offering a compelling and competitive proposition with the aim rapid growth and reputation for quality delivery of specialized healthcare services

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Inmind Healthcare Ltd.

Inmind is a leading independent provider of high-quality care in the United Kingdom for patients who have complex mental health, personality disorder, and physical health needs through a number of mental health facilities across the United Kingdom. AMI and Inmind have signed cooperation agreement to provide mental health services and drug addiction treatment in public and private sectors in Saudi Arabia.

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